Is This You?

  • Does the possible failure of your computer systems keep you up at night?

  • Are you afraid that malware will erase all of your data?

  • Worried that one day the bank will contact you because you got phished and your accounts are empty?

  • Or do you just wish that your employees had someone to turn to who can help them work smarter with technology?


"Technological Innovation" by Sam Catanzaro and modified by David Bishop is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Technolegs Virtual IT Can Solve Your Problems!

Managed Services

Are you worried about your computer systems not being patched properly or being compromised? Technolegs' managed system will watch over your technology 24x7 and proactively protect against malware while keeping your systems properly maintained.

Cloud System Backups

Does a critical failure of your computer systems keep you up at night? With Technolegs' cloud backups, your servers and data are securely backed up continuously. If there is a failure, we can easily switch you over to the backed up systems in minutes, not days.

Instant Remote Support

If you are having an issue with your computer and need assistance, Technolegs is there for you. Click on the button to download our remote SOS tool. Run the program, follow the simple instructions, and a Technolegs support team member will be able to work with you on your computer to solve your problem in real-time!

Phishing Protection

Are you concerned that someone in your organization will fall for a phishing email and give away the keys to your money and data? Technolegs phishing training will help your users learn to spot those scams. In addition, we run dark web checks on all your email accounts to check if they have been compromised.


Your users need assistance with getting the most out of their applications. Technolegs can show them how to get the job done and answer their day-to-day questions.

IT Consulting

Do you have a business need but can't find the right tool to address it? Technolegs will find the answer for you, get it set up, and help get your people ready to use it.

Technolegs Can Help You

We are ready to make your business operate safely, securely, and smarter. But you have to take the first step. Connect with Technolegs now and we will answer your questions and get you started on the path to a better future.

What About The Users?

Technolegs can secure your computer systems and protect you from costly failures, but what about your employees? They need assistance too.

We offer both managed and per-hour user support plans so you can have a solution that fits your needs. Our support staff is available to help your people work smarter.

We Will Be There To:

People run into problems with their applications all the time. It can be something as simple as how to format something in PowerPoint to needing to create a complex Excel calculation. Technolegs support can take away the guesswork by giving them the correct answers quickly and making sure that they have learned how to do the task on their own the next time.

Often, an employee will be given a task and they will not know where to go to get the best solution. Technolegs' experienced team can help them find the right product that will get the job done the right way. And if they need training to use the tool, we can provide that too!

It's great to have someone available to be able to bounce ideas off of and help with all the little things before they become big things. We are there to be your in-house IT specialist. Every tech question that your staff has can and will be answered quickly and correctly by Technolegs.

So, how much will all this cost?

Every client and their specific needs are different, so we really can't give you an exact pricing plan. However, our Managed Plans (where we watch over, protect, and maintain your computers 24x7x365) start as low as $50 per machine per month. Consulting and as-needed support packages are also available starting at $90 per hour.

If you want to learn more about how Technolegs can protect your computer assets and assist your staff, connect with us and we will be glad to answer all your questions!